Workshop for making eco-friendly Ganapati idols

I am happy to announce that I have just completed my first eco-friendly Ganapati idol making workshop for Tech-Mahindra employees at Pune.

The workshop was spread over three days.

  • Sessions for making the clay idol were held on 30th July and 31st July. The participants were taught how to make the clay idol from ground up by using very simple tools and no use of mould at all.
  • A week’s time was kept for idols to dry up and then the session for painting those was held on 7th August.
Based on the feedback from all the participants, I know that all of them were happy with what they had created. This satisfaction was seen on their faces too after the idols were painted. One of the participant sent this feedback in an email later: 

It was really  nice to be a part of this workshop. Initially I felt it difficult to make. But at EOD I was very much satisfied to see the IDOL I had made.

Thanks once again for the help and conducting such a nice workshop. J

I am also in the process of planning out couple of more such workshops in coming weeks. Let’s see how things turn out.
Here are some photos of the event.

1. Employees were encouraged by the company to bring their family members for the workshop.

2. Ganapati idols kept for drying.

2. Painting instructions; step 1.

3. Participants engrossed in painting the idols.

4. Here is a happy participant, Aarti, with the idol she made and painted. Thanks Aarti for sharing the photo!
I’ll keep updating this post as participants send me their photos.