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"Twilight storm"

18″ x 24″ Acrylic on board

This one is from Menlo Park area in New Jersey. Fall had already arrived, the day was ending and the storm was approaching. We were returning from High Point State Park after watching fall colours and I saw this beautiful scene in our neighbourhood. I think I have been successful in capturing the ‘air’ in this painting.

I have painted today after a gap of two weekends. On one of them I had gone to ‘Bhandardara’ where one can see the back waters of Bhandardara dam and also the towering peak of “Kalsubai” which is the highest peak in Sahyadri (India) mountain range. The second weekend was spent doing all other pending work except painting.

As I had not been able to finalize what i wanted to paint next, i was getting restless about it. Then I browsed through my reference photographs for painting ideas and this one struck me. I have enjoyed painting it and hope you enjoy seeing it.