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Watercolor course – Mandar Marathe

Master Watercolor Painting Techniques And Paint Stunning Landscapes

Happy Hindu New Year and happy Friday!

I have a new online course:
Master Watercolor Painting Techniques: Learn to paint stunning landscapes

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Painting with watercolors is easy if you know the right techniques. It’s a unique medium that needs minimal supplies and can produce a wide range of effects on it’s own. Every artist paints in a unique way and the goal of this class is to show you the techniques and show you my process of painting. Once you see and practice these techniques, you’ll develop your way of painting. There is no right or wrong way. Exploration is the key to progress.

In this course, I show you the techniques specific to watercolor painting and then using those techniques show you 3 full demonstrations of painting. I start with a simple sketch and show you each and every stroke that I make to take the painting to completion.

What you’ll learn:

We’ll go through all the steps one by one.

Overview of supplies:

Only the things you’ll need to start. I keep this simple.

Watercolor Painting techniques:

Transparent washes, wet-in-wet, dry brush, glazing and wet over dry.

Color mixing:

Mixing the required colors and paying more attention to value than color

3 Full length demonstrations of painting with my commentary:

Watch me paint over my shoulder and listen to my accompanying commentary.

Come, join the adventure!