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Patreon - Mandar Marathe Fine Art


I have set up a Patreon page!

After spending nearly 16 years in my corporate career, I chose to become a full-time artist in 2011 (completing 6 years by end of this month) and since then I have dedicated my entire time to creating art. I also started teaching art through my workshops and online courses. In last 6 years, more than 4600 people have attended the same.

Maybe, you are one of my 4600 students. Thanks!

It’s very encouraging for me to hear your feedback about how my workshops and videos have helped you in improving your art.

As you know, I prefer the medium of videos for my teaching as you get to see every color that I mix and every brush stroke that I make while painting.

Though I have a YouTube channel where I share art making videos, I also make slower versions of the same videos that have my audio commentary about the entire process. These videos are shared through my Patreon page (https://www.patreon.com/mandarmarathefineart).

You can support me in creating these videos by becoming my patron and in return receive rewards to grow your own art. With your support, I can continue making new videos every month and you can improve your art by watching them and getting answers to your art queries. There are different reward levels to choose from and you receive the corresponding rewards every single month.

Watch this intro video:


Just to be clear, those who are not interested in getting involved with the Patreon thing right now, there is no obligation at all. I am happy to have you guys watching my videos on YouTube. I am just hoping that your support through Patreon will allow me to make my videos even better and more consistent.

Keep making art!

a farm near Mulshi  - Mandar Marathe Fine Art

A farm near Mulshi – Oil painting demo video

Here is another oil painting demo that I recorded last week. It is a video recording of my steps in painting a landscape titled “A farm near Mulshi”.

I have removed the audio and sped up the video to make it small enough to upload to YouTube easily. I’ll be releasing the full 1-hour version with my commentary in a few days. Till then, enjoy this 2-minute video of my painting process.

Keep painting!