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Off Roading - Mandar Marathe Fine Art

World Environment Day

June 5th is celebrated as World Environment Day. 

We need clean environment but the environment does not need us, humans. So, we owe it to our future generations that we clean up the mess that we have created. There is hope as the world unites to clean up the mess. We can do it!

Wishing you more walks off the road as being with nature is the best thing we can have.

“Off-roading”, Digital Watercolors


Wishing you a cleaner world!

An apple a day




“An apple a day”
6″ x 8″, Oil on canvas
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We all know a saying that “An apple a day keep the doctor away” but very few people know that apple seeds contain traces of arsenic. It is part of nature’s defense mechanism, for the apple species. It is amazing how same tree which produces nourishing apple also produces arsenic that’s poisonous and also packages them together so well without contamination.