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a farm near Mulshi  - Mandar Marathe Fine Art

A farm near Mulshi – Oil painting demo video

Here is another oil painting demo that I recorded last week. It is a video recording of my steps in painting a landscape titled “A farm near Mulshi”.

I have removed the audio and sped up the video to make it small enough to upload to YouTube easily. I’ll be releasing the full 1-hour version with my commentary in a few days. Till then, enjoy this 2-minute video of my painting process.

Keep painting!


Moonlight – Oil painting demo - Mandar Marathe Fine Art

Moonlight – Oil painting demo

“Moonlight” is the title of my latest painting.

The source for this painting is my own painting that I did two days back on iPad. I wanted to paint it in real oils on real canvas. Though I used the digital painting as a reference, I looked at only in the beginning to get the drawing and overall color scheme right. So, the real oil painting is different than the reference painting and I wanted it to be that way. What’s the fun is copying something so exactly?

I have recorded a video of the painting in progress and I will share it with you once the editing is done. In this post, I am sharing some stills from the video and highlights of what I did in each step.

Note: I captured these stills from my video and hence they are of low resolution. I have to find a way to capture good stills while I am working.

1. Reference painting

This is the painting “Moonlight” which I did on iPad and I used this as a reference for my real oil painting.

2. Colors and other material

As this is a “Nocturne” painting, it is low-key or a dark values dominant painting. I have used Chrome Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White for this painting. The canvas is 9.5″ x 9.5″ square and is taped to a board. The palette is made of glass and I used 2x 1/2 inch flats and 1x 1/4 inch flat brushes. 

3. Colors mixing and Drawing

I premixed the main colors to better gauge the relative values. I have mixed

  • a dark blue (Ultramarine Blue (dominant color)  + Burnt Sienna),
  • a Dark brown  (Burnt Sienna (dominant color)  + Ultramarine Blue )
  • a light brown (dark brown + Titanium white)
  • a gray (Burnt Sienna  + Ultramarine Blue  + Titanium White)
  • a dull green (Ultramarine Blue + Chrome Yellow  + Burnt Sienna)

Then I drew the large shapes with dark blue color.

4. Initial block-in

 Then it was time to block in major shapes, starting with darks.

5. Mid values


Once the block in was complete, I laid in the darks in the distant mountain, lights in the foreground and lighter grays in the sky. At the end of this step, I added the dull green to the tree top and added few suggestions of shrubs here and there.

6. Ready Painting

After few adjustments, the painting was ready.

Hope you have learnt something about my process and will feel the urge to paint something yourself. Let me know your thoughts or questions in the comments section below!

Keep making art!