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Aerial Perspective Demo Photo - Mandar Marathe Fine Art

Aerial Perspective

Want to add a feeling of distance in your paintings? We can use the principles of aerial perspective to do that.

Here are the 6 aerial/atmospheric perspective phenomena that occur in nature. 
As the distance increases,

    1. Colors become lighter and closer to sky color
    2. We see fewer details in objects
    3. Edges become blurred
    4. Value Contrast reduces 
    5. Size of objects reduces
    6. Overall values become lighter

The video shows how I use these in a painting. 
So, next time you want to suggest depth or distance in your paintings, use these things to your advantage.

Happy Painting,


Watch a video about my recent outdoor painting experience and my learnings from that.

a farm near Mulshi  - Mandar Marathe Fine Art

A farm near Mulshi – Oil painting demo video

Here is another oil painting demo that I recorded last week. It is a video recording of my steps in painting a landscape titled “A farm near Mulshi”.

I have removed the audio and sped up the video to make it small enough to upload to YouTube easily. I’ll be releasing the full 1-hour version with my commentary in a few days. Till then, enjoy this 2-minute video of my painting process.

Keep painting!