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On the beach - Mandar Marathe Fine Art

Painting daily and sharing

Painting daily and sharing them on social media is like a daily ritual for me nowadays. In fact, I do more paintings than those that I share on my website.

It’s not that I do not want to but sharing them on social media is so fast. This is even more so for paintings done digitally. Hence I share all my daily paintings on my Instagram and Facebook profiles. I post them on twitter too but twitter isn’t most suited for viewing visual content.


So, if you want to see my daily(almost) paintings, follow me here on my Instagram account.










P.S. I also do illustrations and post them on my illustrations website www.thoughtgraphic.com but you’ll see those illustrations too in my Instagram posts.

Evening drama - Mandar Marathe Fine Art

Digital Oil Painting demo

Happy Friday!

In this blog post, I am happy to share a Digital Oil Painting demo. I have used Artrage on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil for this painting.

Complete painting took me about an hour but I have sped up the video for a better viewing experience. So, sit back, enjoy the video but do not forget to paint something yourself this weekend.

This video is a part of my complete landscape painting course in real oil colors. As a bonus, you can take this course at a massively discounted price using the link below.

Online course: Landscape Painting using oil colors (at 66% discounted price!)



Keep making art,

Drawing shapes – Mandar Marathe Fine Art

Drawing Shapes

Drawing shapes, rather than lines is a good exercise and a different way of looking at things.

So, instead of identifying and drawing lines, see and draw shapes. This exercise increases our ability to see this world in terms of shapes.

Drawing shapes - Mandar Marathe Fine Art
Drawing shapes

Start with big shapes, then draw medium-sized shapes and at last, small shapes. Seeing in this way helps us simplify a scene for a drawing/painting. Relative sizes of various shapes in a drawing/painting create more impact than the details in it.

Drawing shapes with Conte crayon

See the video below. It is part of my online course “Exercises to improve your drawing skill”. This video will teach you one exercise to improve your skills and if you are interested in more such exercises, join the course at 75% discount using this link. This discount is for a limited time. If you want a subscribe to my online school, wherein you get access to all my courses, click this link.


Happy drawing,

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