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Daily Painting - River Kosi - Mandar Marathe Fine Art

A painting a day

These days I predominantly paint small paintings and here are few reasons for that. When I started painting small, coincidentally I came to know about “a painting a day movement” and it appealed to me.

Pushing the envelope, 6 x 8, oil on canvas
Pushing the envelope, 6 x 8, oil on canvas
1 Available Time

I started painting small when I was still in a full-time job in IT industry. So I only had weekends to paint. Coming back to a half done painting was not so appealing and so painting small was a better option.

2. Inspired by Duane Keiser

I was inspired by the “a painting a day” movement which was started by artist Duane Keiser. It appealed to me as I would have a ready painting at end of each day I got to paint.

3 Easy to store

At that time I did not have a dedicated studio for painting and so painting small was more realistic than painting big canvases.

Tropical Sapodilla, 6 x 8, oil on canvas
Tropical Sapodilla, 6 x 8, oil on canvas
4 Less mental involvement

If I mess up a big canvas I feel worse than when I mess up a small canvas. Mistakes happen and then you need to either wipe the canvas or totally throw it away. It’s all less painful with smaller canvases.

5 Experimentation

Initial investment in the canvas, paints and time is small for small paintings and so I feel more willing to experiment with them and try new ways of working. Experimentation is the key to artistic growth.

6 Easy to sell

It is easy for art buyers to buy smaller paintings due to their smaller price tag.

7 They are bought as gifts

Small paintings are easy to give as gifts to friends, family, clients and so on due to an affordable price tag.  This results in more sales and who doesn’t like that?

River Kosi, 6 x 8, oil on canvas
River Kosi, 6 x 8, oil on canvas
8 Easy to ship

Small paintings can be easily shipped in an envelope. Shipping charges are also more affordable.

If any of these reasons resonate with you, start painting small more often and see if it’s right for you.