Paintings done at Mulshi

On 2nd November we drove to Mulshi and I painted two paintings on location. Inspiration for this trip came from photos that my brother shared of this area.

1. “November fields at Mulshi”

The place from where I painted this was on top of a hill and so it was very windy. I had to tie a stone to my easel so that it would not fly off. Still, once the board on which I was painting, did fly off and I got the paints all over my hand. Thankfully, it did not cause lot of smear on the painting itself. Due to the strong wind I had only about 45 minutes to finish this sketch.

November fields at Mulshi

Here is a photo of me painting at the location. Map location : 18.536064, 73.514639


Here is a short video of this painting on location.



2. “Basmati fields near Mulshi.”

I had seen this place while driving towards Mulshi but didn’t get a chance to stop and paint at that time. So, while coming back we stopped there and I painted this. The owner of this farm told me that the field was of Basmati rice.

Basmati fields near Mulshi

Here is a short video of this painting on location. Map location: 18.524444, 73.585642


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