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Gallery of Paintings and Sculptures

I have arranged all my paintings and Sculptures in collections or series. Click on the collections to see details. 

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This is a series of realistic abstract paintings. In these paintings, there is a hint of realism but the rest is up to you the viewer to interpret.

This is a collection of small landscape paintings.

This is a series of still life paintings. Fruits is a favorite subject.

These paintings are based on the current state of affairs, particularly those in busy urban lifestyle and environmental conditions.

Paintings in this series are based on corporate jargons. The inspiration for these paintings came from my 16 years of corporate career.

A series of paintings based on color symbolism. Solid colors create impact and soft details tell the story!

Paintings in this series are made in golden ratio proportion in which the width of the painting is 1.6 times the height of the painting. This proportion is seen in nature in things like sunflower seed arrangement, a nautilus shell, and is also considered to be very appealing to the human eye. Subjects of these paintings are landscapes and natural objects such as flowers and leaves.

This is a series of flower paintings!

These tropical fruit paintings were done as a part of commissioned work for a client.