"Matheran Rain"

24″ x 18″ – Oil on board

In the rains last year I visited Matheran with my family and her office colleagues. I wasn’t happy about this visit as I found it not worthwhile going there when so much rain was pouring down especially because our daughter was too young to walk by herself.

Due to the torrential rain, we had to spend all our time within few hundred meters of where the vehicles left us. We had lunch, I clicked some photos of the rain and our daughter enjoying the rain and returned back to Pune.
All the photos turned out very nice and now that I made a painting from a reference photo clicked during this visit, i feel that the visit wasn’t all that bad. 🙂

"Evening Light"

18″ x 24″ – Oil on board

I saw this mango tree when i was driving in an around (in search of a subject for painting) Bhugao( भुगाव) near Pune. It was late evening and the light was falling on the tree trunk giving it an brown -orange color. The grass is all yellow as the summer has evaporated all the moisture from the soil.

I have purposely tried to keep the strokes loose and paint very little detail.

"Yellow glory"

24″ x 24″ Oil on board

Today i painted a bunch of Golden shower or Indian Laburnum flowers that are blossoming these days. I like the way the painting has turned out but I think these flowers will become subject of one more of my painting some time soon.
After i included a photo of this painting i realized that the photo quality isn’t as good as i would like it to be. The photo has been taken using my Nokia N73 (for the convenience) having a 3 mega pixel camera. I have tried to adjust the brightness and contrast but still it isn’t doing justice to the original painting. I’ll try to post a good photo some time taken using a better camera.