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New Watercolor Landscapes course

Today’s blog post is about my new watercolor landscapes course that I am producing right now.

I have been busy last week or so in shooting videos, recording audio, editing and so on for my upcoming watercolor landscapes course. Video editing takes time and good video editing takes much more time! 

It’s not the first time, though. It’s my 12th online video course and I think I’ll be able to launch it in a couple of days.

Course contents

In that course, I have talked (and shown) about the materials that I use and the step by step process that I follow to plan and complete watercolor paintings, layer by layer. All this is shown through painting demonstrations and you’ll see every brush stroke I apply to complete the paintings. I am sure you’ll enjoy watching it and also learn a lot from it.

Watercolor Landscapes course: Mandar Marathe Fine Art
Watercolor Landscapes course: Mandar Marathe Fine Art

I know this because I learn a lot more when I SEE someone making something or painting something. Text or verbal description has many limitations, especially when they talk about art. A lot of things can be understood only by watching someone do it.

So, watch out for a course launch announcement from me!

Until then,

Keep making art,

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