"Morning at UOP"

11.5″ x 9″
Oil on oil paper

I have become a member of Pune Pencil Club which is a Facebook group of people interested in art. Today’s plan was do sketching at University of Pune. Though I went there, I couldn’t finish a sketch and had to leave early due to some other work had to be done urgently.
Back home and after lunch I decided to paint what I had tried sketching and here are the step by step results. I am happy with the final result but am somehow surprised by the green color I have used for the banyan leaves. Hence the painting looks different from my recent paintings. In fact I haven’t even cleaned the palette after I painted my last painting “Portrait of a tree trunk” and have used the same colors in this painting too.

Step 1: Sketch with a brush

 Step 2:

Step 3:
Step 4 or the final painting: