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"Khadakwasla Haze"

10″ X 12″ Acrylic on canvas
Today morning, I had gone to Khadakwasla near Pune to paint a landscape ‘en plein air’. The painting attached here is that I painted in about an hour and a half there. There was lot of haze when I started out but by the time I finished painting, it was all gone.
I had 2 visitors while I was painting. First was a very healthy looking black cow that was grazing nearby and came near me to check out if I had anything to eat. I was amused by the way she approached me, few steps at a time. Unfortunately, I had nothing that she could eat and she had to go back to the grass again.
Another was an old man who was grazing that and other cows of his. He sat near where I was painting and started talking about many things like how water of the dam water has got polluted, how people are illegally filling it up with earth to make more farmland, how some people make misuse of the secluded areas near the dam and so on. He said he used to work with the irrigation department and was very unhappy about general state of affairs nowadays. He seemed wise and his talking made lot of sense. After a while he too went ahead to graze his cows.
I added few finishing touches to my painting and headed home.

I have also attached a photo below of my painting setup and the location map of the place where I sat.