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"Grass is greener"

24″ x 30″ Acrylic on canvas board

This one is another one painted from a photo taken during Pavankhind trip. On second day of the trip, we had a half day excursion sitting on top of a 4×4 vehicle and a visit to the Pavankhind waterfall by carefully navigating our feet though slippery mountain paths. Later, we gathered at a house for barbeque followed by lunch. This was the view from the place where we sat for lunch.
I have tried to use big brushes to simplify the objects and tried to be as loose as possible. I think I have partially achieved what I wanted to. Overall, I like the result. Hope you like it too. As always, there is lot of scope for improvement!
I feel hurried when I paint big pieces using acrylic. I often think about whether to use oil or acrylic but most of the times select acrylic because of the faster drying time and ease of cleaning things. However I have noticed that the feeling of being hurried is far less when I paint using oils.
I need to mention another thing about this painting. I tried to photograph this painting in several ways but all inside my house. Hence, the colors are in the photo are somewhat different than those in the actual painting. Especially, the sky in upper right corner is seen burnt out in this image. It isn’t so in the painting. I’ll try to photograph this painting in nice outdoor sunlight some other day.


  1. Arindam. says:

    Fantastic Mandar – as usual!!!
    Monsoon may have added to the trick of making the grass greener but it is those master strokes of your paint brush which has given it life on the canvas with colour green.

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