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Landscape painting of dappled light on a mud road flanked by thick forest. Shadows go across the road that leads us deeper into the forest.

Monsoon Green

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A Landscape Painting from my Daily Paintings project.

6? x 8?, Oil on board.
This scene is of a walkway in the natural forest area on the Wetal HIll in Pune, during monsoon season. This hill has some natural forest areas and some man-made plantations of non-native trees. The natural forest has diverse species of trees and shrubs and many animals and birds including peacocks live there. On the other hand, the man-made plantations are of a single species of tree. No other trees, shrubs and, grasses grow there. Looks like these non-native trees do not allow native plants to grow in their vicinity. I haven’t seen any animals or even birds living there. That makes these wooded areas very mundane to look at.