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Clay modeling Workshop and weekend art class


I am conducting a clay modeling workshop and starting a weekend art class in this month.

Here is what I’ll teach learn in clay modeling workshop:

  • Various methods of working with clay
  • Exercises for developing your clay handling skills
  • Modeling animals, natural objects
  • Basics of portrait sculpting
  • Making clay figurines for clay forts made in Diwali (दिवाळीच्या किल्ल्यासाठी पुतळे)

The weekend art class has a more flexible format:

  • Work in various mediums : drawing / acrylic / oil
  • Learn art at your own pace
  • Has a structure but can be fine tuned to your artistic needs.
For details and registration go to this link: Clay modeling and weekend art class (http://goo.gl/pc2OnP)

and here are 3 of my recent paintings: