A Painting A Day & Auction

Daily Painting - Crisp Morning in Kanha

I am making some changes to this website to allow me to post a new painting every day and offer it to you via an auction or a buy it now option.

Two primary reasons for painting small, mostly travel postcard size paintings are: 

  1. Painting a small painting daily allows me to improve my skills fast.
  2. I can offer it to my patrons at a lower price.

Two primary reasons for auctioning the paintings are:

  1. I don’t need to decide the price of each painting as the auction takes care of that.
  2. It gives you a fair chance to own the painting that you like for a price you are willing to pay.

So, stay tuned!

Watercolor class

Dear friends,

Currently, I am busy recording videos for my upcoming class about watercolor painting in sketchbooks. The intention of this class is to show how watercolor painting can be easy and when done in a sketchbook, it can be even easier. By this, I mean that when I paint on an expensive sheet of watercolor paper, I have the fear of messing up and possibly wasting such a nice paper and getting a bad painting on it.

On the other hand, when I paint in a sketchbook, I have no such fear because I am not painting for a gallery or exhibition. Sketchbook is my private area where I get to practice fearlessly, mess up and still not feel guilty about it. I want my students to experience this freedom.

The truth is that when I paint without the fear of judgment, the painting usually turns out nicer than the painting done under the fear. Isn’t that the whole intention of practicing art, to be able to paint better and better?

Here are few stills from that class.


Eco-friendly Ganapati idol making workshop

Ganapati idol making workshop

This year’s first batch of Ganapati idol making workshop is starting on 1st July. There are few seats still open but you’ll have to register fast if you want to join this batch. Details and registration here: https://www.mandarmarathefineart.com/eco-friendly-ganapati-idol-making-workshop/

Glimpse of an old car – Urban Sketch

Glimpse of an Old car - Urban sketch

On last weekend when my family was out for shopping school items, I stopped my car at a quiet spot for some sketching. To my surprise, I saw an old car parked behind a compound wall just next to me. 

I spent next half an hour sketching that car on my iPad using Artrage App and the result is attached below. I am not a vintage car aficionado and so don’t know the make of the car. Let me know in comments if you recognize it. 

Glimpse of an Old car - Urban sketch

Glimpse of an Old car – Urban Sketch

Sketching in the car



P.S. This year’s first batch of Eco-friendly Ganapati idol making workshop starts on 1st July. For more information and registration, click here.