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DIY - Oil Painting Panels - Art Tips - Mandar Marathe

DIY – Oil Painting Panels

In my post about “Oil Painting Surfaces,” I briefly talked about panels/boards that can be used for oil painting. Some people also call them gesso panels or gesso boards. In today’s video, I show you how I make these oil painting panels/boards myself. I also talk about the following advantages of making and using such boards. 

1. Control on texture
2. Cost-effectiveness
3. Custom sizes
4. Easy to dry
5. Easy to ship

Happy painting!

Aerial Perspective Demo Photo - Mandar Marathe Fine Art

Aerial Perspective

Want to add a feeling of distance in your paintings? We can use the principles of aerial perspective to do that.

Here are the 6 aerial/atmospheric perspective phenomena that occur in nature. 
As the distance increases,

    1. Colors become lighter and closer to sky color
    2. We see fewer details in objects
    3. Edges become blurred
    4. Value Contrast reduces 
    5. Size of objects reduces
    6. Overall values become lighter

The video shows how I use these in a painting. 
So, next time you want to suggest depth or distance in your paintings, use these things to your advantage.

Happy Painting,


Watch a video about my recent outdoor painting experience and my learnings from that.

Painting En Plein Air At Bhugaon

Painting En Plein Air At Bhugaon

Painting En Plein Air By Mandar Marathe


I and my daughter went out to paint ‘en plein air’ last Sunday.
It was a great experience and I painted two watercolor paintings in a span of 1.5 hours.
In this video, I share with you my process of painting one of those paintings and then talk about learnings or takeaways from this experience.
I hope this video will inspire you to paint on location or ‘en plein air’ more often!

thanks for watching!
Oils Vs Watercolor: See me paint the same scene in watercolor and oils here. I also do a comparison of the processes in which I paint with watercolors and oils.