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  • Benefits Of Daily Painting

    I paint a new painting every day (well, almost)! It's not that every day's painting turns out good and is worth keeping, but each painting is a gre...
  • Grisaille

    In the Grisaille layer of painting, the artist is concerned only about getting the values right. It is easier to achieve that when you paint with just one color.  As we know, getting the value right is very important for showing the form. Value is the parameter which gives the feel of the 3rd dimension to a 2D painting.
  • Color Symbolism : Meanings associated with colors

    We associate certain meaning with each color we see. This is called "Color Symbolism". A few years back I painted a series of paintings based on th...
  • Painting on location

      Plein air painting simply means painting on location, outside the studio. Such paintings are mostly landscapes, for obvious reason. Let's get to...
  • Comparing oil colors to watercolors

     In this post, I'll try to compare oil colors to watercolors and also explain their peculiarities and differences. I won't say this medium is bette...
  • Gamut Masking

    Gamut Masking is an easy way to create coherent color schemes. This selection of a set of colors is done before starting the painting process. It saves the artist from a lot of color confusion later and automatically gives a unified look to the painting.
  • Color Dimensions

    There are many dimensions to color. These Color dimensions help us understand, define and match colors when we paint. There is color, where there i...
  • 12 Benefits Of Drawing

    There are many benefits of drawing every day and they are not only for artists. Here are the 12  top benefits that drawing brings to you.
  • Drawing With Correct Proportions

     Sketching and drawing with correct proportions and doing so without reaching the end of paper can be achieved easily with one simple technique. Be...
  • Online courses & Weekly Art tips

      This post is about my Online art courses & Weekly Art tips. It's been a long time since I wrote a blog post. I say that because I have been ...
  • Visual travel notes - Bhimtal & Nainital trip

    Visual travel notes - Bhimtal & Nainital trip - Mandar Marathe
  • It's in the TV news!

    My eco-friendly Ganapati idol making workshop and Online Course is featured in TV news.