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My take at Bargue plates - Eyes

This is my take at Bargue plate about the eyes. 
  • The first image is of my drawings.  Notice that I have drawn the last three sketches of the Bargue plate vertically in the last column on my paper. I had to do that as I had started drawing in landscape mode rather than portrait mode. My bad.

Bargue plate Eyes Drawing Mandar Marathe


  • The second image is of the Bargue plate.

Bargue plate Eyes

  • The third image is one in which I have superimposed my drawings on the Bargue plate.

Bargue Plates drawing

I did not draw this very methodically as prescribed in ateliers but drew it just by eyeballing. Superimposing shows where I have missed out angles or proportions and tells me where I need to pay more attention.
This is a very valuable exercise even for those who do not want to make a career in figure drawing/painting. So, give it a go!
Happy drawing!

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