Afternoon shadows at Paud


“Afternoon shadows at Paud”
6″ x 8″, Oil on canvas

I am participating in a 15 days to Freedom blog challenge started by Natalie Sisson and will be painting a small painting and posting it here everyday for next 15 days.

I have tried to do a painting/drawing daily earlier too and have successfully done that for a month or so (multiple times) but after that committed time is over, something else comes up and the daily painting takes a back seat. My aim is to paint a small painting everyday (well….almost) and post it here on my blog and auction it. I hope this blog challenge will help me get into the habit again.

So, the image you see above is my painting for today (15th Jan). It is of a farm at Paud village near Pune.


As for the 15 day challenge question to me answered today, my plan for a successful day is to paint a painting in the morning as soon as I am done with the regular morning activities and exercise. That’s before I check my emails, social media or go out for some work. I feel successful and happy when I am happy with the painting that I do that day. It makes my day!