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I am an artist based at Pune, India. Painting and sculpture have been my more-than-hobbies since early age. For 15 years of my corporate working life, I worked in manufacturing and software industries and pursued art part-time. Since June 2011, I have reversed this equation and have become a full time artist. Here are few highlights of my art career so far.


2013 16th Jan to 23rd Jan 2013: Three artists’ show titled “Trilogy II” held at “Darpan Art Gallery”, Pune.
2011 11th to 20th Dec 2011: Solo show held at Grubshup restaurant, Pune.
28th September to 4th October 2011: Three artists’ show titled “Trilogy” held at “Darpan Art Gallery”, Pune.
2010 30th May to 12th June 2010: “Artfest 2010 – Summer”, a group show by Indiaart at Empress Garden and Balgadharwa Art Gallery, Pune.
2009 4th to 10th June 2009: Solo exhibition held at Indiaart Gallery, Pune. This exhibition featured 41 Oil and acrylic color paintings
2007 April 2007: 3 day workshop held by Art2Day gallery at Harne near Dapoli and group show held at the Art2Day gallery in Pune.
29th July to 4th August 2007: Participated in “Affordable Art” group show held at Indiaart gallery, Pune.
2005 March 2005: Participated in a group show held by Anantrang Art Foundation at Balgadharwa Art Gallery, Pune.
2003  Participated in a group show held by Indian Maritime Association at Balgadharwa Art Gallery, Pune.
1999 15th to 17th May 1999: Solo exhibition held at Siemens Ltd., Goa. This exhibition featured 21 Oil and water color paintings
17th November to 7th December 1999: Solo exhibition held at “Galeria de Bellas Artes” at Calangute, Goa.

Workshops conducted:

Eco friendly Ganapati idol making workshops
52 batches in my studio from 2011 – 2014 period
18 batches conducted in IT companies and schools in Pune and Mumbai
Clay modeling workshops
6 batches conducted in my studio
Portrait sculpture workshop
1 batch conducted in my studio under guidance of my Guru, Mr. C. G. Joshi
Drawing and Sketching workshops 
2 batches conducted in two IT companies
Acrylic painting workshops
3 batches conducted in my studio
Oil painting Workshops
6 batches conducted in my studio
Summary of workshops
88 workshops and 1500+ students attended in person
11 online courses and 1800+ online students
  Online courses
 The Art of Sketching and Drawing: 5 Techniques to improve your skills
 4 Time Tested Ways To Make Pottery Without Potter’s Wheel
Sketchnoting: Doodle your way to better learning and effective communication!
Learn the art of clay sculpting: Make a Ganapati idol
Learn to paint a Ganapati idol
How to make Better Compositions: Take your art to new heights
How to edit your Video and Audio for free
Fine Art: Painting A Landscape With Oil Colors
Learn how to make wonderful digital watercolor paintings
Exercises to improve your drawing skill
Start an effective daily drawing practice

Corporate Collections of my paintings:

1. Siemens Ltd, Goa
2. L & T Infotech Ltd, Pune
3. Infosys BPO Ltd, Pune

Private Collections of my paintings:
1. Mrs. & Mr. Juergen Sitzmann, Greece
2. Mr. Simon, Nigeria
3. Mrs. & Mr. Nielsen, USA
4. Ms. Godbole, Pune
5. Mrs. & Mr. Phadke, Pune
6. Mrs. & Mr. Umarani, Pune
7. Mrs. & Mr. Joshi, Pune
8. Mrs. and Mr. Pethkar, Pune
9. Mr. Kudal, Pune
10. Dr. Prayag, Pune
11. Mr. Desai, UK


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2013 Media Coverage:

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